Get your marketing efforts noticed immediately

$25 mobile marketing spend could engage 100's of new customers in close proximity of your business

Mobile marketing made simple

Put your marketing on auto pilot with the Heybeam beacons.

Introducing HeyBeam

A revolutionary technology that makes it easy to instantly get your business noticed by nearby customers. Marketing and promoting your small business has never been this easy.


“We always create stunning virtual tours of our properties for sale with HeyBeam device it automatically broadcasts it to people showing up when we’re not there.”

- Roger M – Realtor – Austin, TX

“I am a personal trainer and visit 4-5 different gyms each day to meet clients. I created an ad that included my picture, success stories, and a promotional offer. I have had people walk up to me and ask to redeem the offer. I love it!”

- Scott A – Personal Trainer – San Diego California

How it Works

Get started with HeyBeam in 3 easy steps!

We send you our amazing HeyBeam marketing beacon to place anywhere in your business or keep it with you on the go.

Easily create a promotional message and link using Heybeam App and Cloud Web Console.

HeyBeam beacon will automatically broadcast your message upto 300 yards and can be viewed as a notification by Android smartphones & devices with Bluetooth and Location enabled.

It’s that simple. Keep at your store or carry it with you - Your business will get noticed by most nearby smartphone users!

What is HeyBeam?

HeyBeam is a bluetooth technology device that makes it easy for small businesses like yours to attract new customers. Whether you’re selling a service, own a brick and mortar store, or a sales professional, HeyBeam will let you get your business in front of where customers are always looking - their phones!

HeyBeam helps small businesses:

Attract new customers

Improve overall sales

Immediately promote special offers and overall services

Get marketing efforts noticed immediately

Get HeyBeam for your business today!

HeyBeam Works Great for but not limited to

Storefront businesses

Perfect to help restaurants, retail stores, boutiques, salons, fitness centers, and brick and mortar stores attract new customers.

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Service providers

The solution for general contractors, personal trainers, electricians, plumbers, and other services to immediately improve their

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Sales professionals

Whether you’re a realtor or insurance agent, HeyBeam is the answer to let new customers aware of your services or product in real time.

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Fully-Featured Proximity Marketing Service

The HeyBeam iOS and Android App

  • Create/Update 40-character promotional message and URL
  • Beacons will automatically broadcast messages to Bluetooth enabled Android devices
  • Update messages in real-time
  • Enjoy unlimited promotional messaging
  • Control beacon status - check battery life
  • Name your beacons

The HeyBeam Cloud Web Console!

  • Easily design landing pages and ads that link to your promotional message
  • Add videos, images and other important details of the offer
  • Add call-to-action buttons to funnel customers to your business website
  • Create templates to use for multiple offers or messages
  • Track clicks and page views with real-time analytics
Customer Web Console

Choose your Beacon. Start Promoting. Grow your business.

Say hello to your HeyBeam Beacons

Start Reaching Nearby Customers Today!

Mini Beam Beacon

Range: Up to 100 yards
Battery lifetime: 24 months
Device size 50mm x 50mm x 15mm
Lifetime warranty with active subscription

Pro Beam Beacon

Range: Up to 300 yards
Battery lifetime: 72 months
Device size 72mm X 72mm X 18mm
Lifetime warranty with active subscription

30 day money back guarantee

Lifetime Warranty

Free battery replacement